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Originally Posted by Trbo323 View Post
comparing this to the shoebox is like comparing an 1800s steam locomotive to a modern F1 racer

shoebox was closed bolt with 2 noids with one controling the bolt and one the valve system. and while it is true that it was a spool it was just barely a spool, that o-ring seal moves about the same distance that a poppet valve does, just replace it with a face seal and you have a poppet. not to mention the parts on that thing were enormous, it got an astonishing 500 very efficient shots off of a 68/45 and the only reason it was smooth is because it weighs the same as a full size truck
and i like how my 18-wheeler shoots! (though i get about 850 off my 71/45, turbo sport with delrin bolt and "The Evil Part")

in all seriousness, seeing a comparison made me think again about the old brick, and a redesign for it (apply my first pic, much easier to deal with in the shoebox, i think. you'd still have to rebuild the back end, though)

back on topic, i'll just sit here in anticipation for the price to be announced.
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