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I started playing pump wen I started 'balling in '92 because I couldn't afford a semi. When I did move up to semi I still held the skillset so I was never much of a sprayer. When I got back in around '05 I continued my semi shooting, but picked up a couple trracers for pump only events. Games like Pump Pandemonium and some MCB private groups were the only time I bothered. But at Pump Pandemonium in 2010, my trracers let me down badly, so I decided to put a nicer, more reliable pump together. I built a sniper. Old GenX body, benchmark frame, BL Torpedo reg, and lapco microshot with sizers. It was quite a while until the next pump game so I used it at the next open event and I absolutely fell in love with it. Since then, it has become my primary, not because it is a pump, but because I love shooting it. I still shoot my semii's as well, but the Sniper is probably my #1 go to gun.

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