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Some odds and ends, Freak Stuff etc. Just need to move it.

Gloss Black Teardrop Freak Tips: $18 Each
Dust Black AA Tip: SOLD
Gloss Red AA Tip: SOLD
Super rare dust green 1 inch freak tip: $50 obo
Consult measurements in the the image for length.

1x .684 Insert: SOLD
2x .687 Insert: $12 - One Sold
1x .689 Insert: $12

I'll pay for first class shipping. If you want Priority, add $5.

Dye Multi Tool: $20

Angel LCD Car and Wall Charger Adapter: $40
When charger is plugged in, charger indicates it is active with the red led illuminating. I make no guarantee this will charge your Angel, only that the charger its self works. If you receive this, and it will not charge your Angel, the issue is your battery, not the charger. By purchasing this, you acknowledge you've read and understand this statement. (This is more for the PbN crowd.)

XXS Dye Pants and Medium Proto Jersey $40 shipped and paypal'd.
Great little set of playing gear, if you're younger, one of those lucky snake players, or need some gear for your girl. Good condition pants and the jersey has some nice padding. Please consult Dye sizing chart for fitment. As for girls, I had my wife try them on and they fit well. She is a size 6 if you're looking for your girl.

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