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This is a Flatline Autococker but this is the same body as a 2002 Vertical Feed Autococker but with modification for the flatline barrel.

This is a 2003 Vertical Feed Autococker The summer edition - which is what this is actually a pic of came in dust colors. Standard 2003's were gloss.

This is a 2004 Vertical Feed Autococker (not sure if this carried the prostock name) - PB review has the 2004 listed as a vertical feed and a prostock. So what is was actually called, I do not know.

This is a 2005 Prostock Autococker The Superstock was the electronic version.

I hope this clarifies some confusion!

One last thing I swear! The hinge frame first came out on the 2003 guns. That is why I bought a 2003 as opposed to a 2002, and I like the body more.

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