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Airstar SuperNova Pacakge for sale


Ok, I am throwing up my Airstar SuperNova.

I went threw and replaced all of the o-rings (with the proper material), and she is shooting just like she is supposed to. I got lots of comments on it this weekend (quiet, "is that a homemade marker?"). It shoots 285 FPS no problem.

It comes with a chrome barrel that has 4 dimples in the end of the barrel to act as detents (from the factory this way I would assume), and it has straight rifling (aka you can see ridges running length wise of the whole shaft).

Second barrel is extra long, ported at the tip, and has a foam grip pad and machine gun style shroud. With this barrel you do not see the barrel move since it is all internal to the shroud. For me this was the more accurate barrel, although you have to do the electrical tape mod on the barrel for a detent.

Also comes with a gas through stock, remote line, copy of the manual and o-ring guide, and a gun bag to carry it in.

Asking $180 shipped, paypalled via UPS for it.

NOTE: I know the trigger piece is missing in the picture. I am going to the hardware store tomorrow to get another C-clip to hold it in place. It will have a functional safety when it is shipped ** Now fixed, safety is fully functional. **

My feedback

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