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Originally Posted by Riot View Post
Did I use the wrong terminology? Lol..

I mean, a converted cocker (sniper, I believe, yes?)

and a tube fed phantom (stock class, I thought?)
When you said hopper vs stock class, you basically said the difference. That's what confused me.

A stock class gun runs a 10, 12, or 15 round stick feed of some sort and uses 12-grams, vs. open class which is a hopper and a tank. Then there's modified stock class, which is a stick feed and a tank.

So, now knowing/confirming your terminology, ask your question one more time--what is it exactly you want to know the difference between?

And also, sidenote (unrelated), technically it's a sniper, converted into a cocker--the pump came before the semi in the world of cockers

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