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Originally Posted by No Mercy Ever View Post
Just remember, you get what you pay for. You could also look at the Jakks Pacific action camera, for the same price. I have seen a video, and one thing that is kind of cool is that it seems to have a decent sensor. The person goes from sunny outdoors to shade under trades, and the picture is actually pretty good.
The only thing is I'm going for a mask camera, and the quality I've seen from the $50 one looks iffy at best, or I could drop $100 on the HD one and still shell out more for a waterproof case.

Or I could go with the Polaroid one that comes with all of that for $50.

But since you mention that you aren't interested in a GoPro, this seems like a cheaper alternative to just that.
The thing about the GoPro isn't the price, it's just the fact that they stick out so far when they're mask mounted anywhere but center.

I mentioned the more expensive of the Sony action cameras, the cheaper one gives you everything that the expensive one does, except the wi-fi, for $200.
Again, I'm not looking to spend $200 on a camera.

Now, $50 to Polaroid is something that I should be good with. I'm not looking for ultra high picture quality, I'm looking for something that gets the job done without breaking from a hit and works without questioning if it's an Idaho potato while staying within a certain price range. Polaroid just happens to be a company that's been around for a while now and isn't known for going all Smart Parts on it's products.
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