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Originally Posted by aresfiend View Post
The only thing is I'm going for a mask camera, and the quality I've seen from the $50 one looks iffy at best, or I could drop $100 on the HD one and still shell out more for a waterproof case.

Or I could go with the Polaroid one that comes with all of that for $50.

The thing about the GoPro isn't the price, it's just the fact that they stick out so far when they're mask mounted anywhere but center.

Again, I'm not looking to spend $200 on a camera.

Now, $50 to Polaroid is something that I should be good with. I'm not looking for ultra high picture quality, I'm looking for something that gets the job done without breaking from a hit and works without questioning if it's an Idaho potato while staying within a certain price range. Polaroid just happens to be a company that's been around for a while now and isn't known for going all Smart Parts on it's products.
The $50 and $60 ones are ones that are going to stick out like a GoPro. Hence why I said that it seems like a cheaper alternative to just that. It's the $100 and $160 ones are going to be the ones that will mount more like a Contour. Look at the Demo video from the site to purchase them, they have people that are using the $160 model on their heads, their surfboards, and such. The cheap $50 model is used in a chest harness, which you get to see at about the 2:00 mark, where the guy in the kayak has the $160 model mounted to the top of his helmet, the $100 model on the side of the helmet, and the $50, I think, on a chest strap (Looks like a bungee cord wrapped around him twice).

Another alternative is the Midland XTC series. They use Contour batteries, so you can swap them out and record for longer than ones that have built in batteries, as well as SD cards. They offer, to the best of my knowledge, three models, with the high end one going for around $250. Gives you the same stuff as a Contour Roam, but with more mounting options that you will know what to do with, as well as a waterproof case.

And pretty much everything uses Micro SD cards to record on.
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