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I used to paintball...?
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Originally Posted by Bored383 View Post
I see iron sights and an armson OEG behind it

OEG = dookie . . . IMHO

Yeah, flip-up iron sights on the picatinny and an Armson OEG on the dovetail. The OEG (which I happen to like ) is what I'll use for aiming about 99% of the time and the irons are for those times when I reeeeeeally want to line a shot up. Still kinda toying with getting a scope to use for down-range spotting instead of the irons.

Originally Posted by Donut SD View Post
The more I see this Mattee, the prettier it looks to me. At first i thought, "that's pretty cool what he did there" now I'm at "dammit...I want a palmers too"
Because it's SO hard to convince you to get a new gun...

Originally Posted by heinous View Post
cmon spill the beans on where you got the rail already my retro 7 could use it
Some interweb company. It was 16" and I wound up cutting it to about 12"; 12" rails are all over eBay so I coulda just gotten one of them. BOS did the radius on the underside so it'll sit flush.

Originally Posted by Panda View Post
Sweet Jesus that is hot!
and I mean that in the most sexual way possible
It's like old school meets tacticool
How much does that beast weigh?
does it really shoot lasers?
will you accept souls for trades?
What is its name?
honestly one of my favorite guns ever, and I really like lever action brass.
Thanks! Answering questions in order:
- Pretty damn heavy, but not really due to the tacti-cool accessories. The only thing that added significant weight was the T2W, the rest comes from the gun being made of three chunks of brass soldered together.
- Funny you should mention lasers...
- Cash or credit only at the moment.
- "Terminus", actually. Thinking about getting grips or something lasered with that. It's Latin for a terminal boundary which is exactly what I expect this marker to be.

Originally Posted by Whee McGee View Post
We'll miss you, dude. How'd you dislocate it?
What Whee says. And - the whole thing?! Can't they just pop it back in like a shoulder, then give you a lollipop and a smack on the *** and send you on your merry?
Originally Posted by WALZ
Now.... If you ever f..... With any of my builds again I am going to have to send the boys down to talk to you.....
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