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Originally Posted by flyweightnate View Post
Funny, I did this math and got about 2800 for a 68/45k, and 65 for a 12g. 300fps, 3.2g paintball? Drag? Linear acceleration, viscous drag... ? There's a reason nobody's gone past 3k with a 68/45k- and if theoretical was 16,000 shots per tank, I'm sure I could do at least 10,000. I already built the gun. And didn't get 1000 shots on my 13/3k.
Not sure I understand all of what you wrote, but it appears you too incorrectly applied the PV=E formula.

Simply calculate remaining energy after some expansion to discover the energy of your system remains constant. No matter how much work was invested or removed through compression or expansion, the system's energy remains constant. Free energy is a myth.

The reason no one has exceeded 3k with a 68/45 is the same reason most people thought PV=E applied in this situation.

I suggest reading all of my previous posts. There's a simple little experiment in there that shows how the correct formula can be derived.
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