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Originally Posted by mrmag11 View Post
On my T2 with my Rotor, I would get about 300 shots per tank, give or take.

What am I doing wrong? I get 110-120 shots with my T2 and a 13/3000. 300 shots?! wow!

I've got the reg set right at 250psi, and use the IVG to keep it at field speed. I do underbore my barrel, thinking that would be more efficient. Maybe to much underbore? I've been using the CCM .677 sizer for .681-.683 field paint, or a brass .678 insert on my Deadly Wind (tymcneer's) It's usually crappy paint BTW (FPO field)

I've always just thought that 110-120 shots was fine off of a 13/3000. I just run a sport shot hopper, and when I'm out of paint, I'm also out of air...

Anyone with any ideas? Thanks
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