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What makes this gun any better than what is considered the latests and hottest electrowizObanger?
Truth be told, while we could claim a long list of things that might be marginally true (shoots further! More accurate! Makes you a better paintball player! Makes you better looking!) just about everything (short of the HE sensor stuff) you can find in some way or form in a different gun.

The total package is nice, the ability in a spool gun to easily clean the bolt is unique, the efficiency is good for a spooler, the layout is really sweet I feel. The HE sensor adds something. It is really smooth. Butter smooth. But so is a LUXE or DM.

The part is the whole package. It some some features that are a great mix. It will still shoot a paintball at the speed you set it, as fast as you can pull the trigger, with a rare paint break, and a very rare gun down moment while being easy to work on and smooth and quiet.

And it won't be for everybody. We know that. And we are okay with that. The motto "If you don't like it, we didn't make it for you" rings true in this company - We tried to make this gun awesome. We LOVE it. But we know not everybody else will. And we are okay with that also. We are not going to priss up some words to get you to buy something you don't want, or claim it can do something it can't just to get you to buy. So we are going to honest and upfront with the product, and make sure people know what they are getting. We don't want to known as the hype company who says their gun is [insert list of better things it never could do here].

We hate that. We don't want to be known as "that" company. It might cost us some sales, but we will be able to live with ourselves, and be proud of our product.

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