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Originally Posted by JaKaL View Post
I want to see this folder, and these fancy back blocks.
-Unfortunately, the majority of them were lost in various computer failures. Back then, I never worried too much about archiving pictures I'd found online, since I could always go back to the place I found them and see 'em again.

I do have a bunch saved on CDs, but they're in one of several disorganized boxes somewhere.

The only ones I have immediate access to are these, that I found on an old CD I stumbled across a few months ago. While I'm pretty sure these are samples of "Dive Rat's" work, I can't say for sure- and I never saw or talked to DR anywhere but Warpig's old "Pig Chat" room.

Feel privileged. Unless somebody else has these saved somewhere, these pics probably haven't been available online in fifteen years.

First was a fairly basic body with "gills":

He expanded on that by incorporating the back block into the gills themselves:

Keep in mind this was done back in 1995, maybe early 1996.

And finally, the above body annoed and assembled:

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