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KBS (Eliminator) A.R. found at Mac-1's shop (large pictures)

I am very excited about this and thought you guys would enjoy it.
I found this KBS Eliminator A.R. on the shelf at Mac-1's shop when I visited Tim McMurray last week.
I think Tim could tell how bad I was drooling over it.

This pump wasn't on that same shelf when I was there several months back so I think Tim found it somewhere else and pulled it out for me. Internals looks rusted or at least have some gunk on them.

Otherwise it looks brand new. The pierce stem looks to be soldered into the valve body but I haven't pulled it apart yet so I'm not sure.
Tim says he did very little work on Nelson pumps and had no idea why it was there or how long it had been there.

He did mention that he used to know Gramps pretty well and when he was having his trial against Sheridan in Racine, Wisconsin that Gramps flew out.

The first time they flew out together and the trial was postponed (likely in an attempt to discourage them from coming back).
He didn't think Gramps flew out again until he started thinking about the trial and remembered that Gramps did testify.

There aren't any holes drilled in the grip frame for a stock the valve body is not side tapped. Grips are dated september 17th, 1986.
This is later than I thought it would have been made but looking at the Command posts ads it's pictured in it makes sense.
Gramps and Grizzly likely produced a batch and then direct feed took over right around that time or a couple months later so no more were made.

This was an amazing find and I am very excited to add this pistol to my collection.

And a couple more pictures I put on my facebook page (these are publicly visable you dont need facebook).

KBS With Mike "Grizzly" Grubb's Idema vest.

A scan of the KBS ad in the 3rd issue of the Command Post courtesy of Tim Ellwood (of the Command Post) at :

No Airsoft for Old Men: 1987 Airsoft Catalog, real blast from the past

The pump handle really looks a lot like the 1st generation Commando pump handle and looking at the steel body and dual tapped pump arms there are some definite similarities.

Carter, these can be added these to vintage rex if you want also.
This is I think the 6th KBS I have seen.
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