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The Wallyman can!

" Who can take your old brass,
and make it good as new?"

The Wallyman can!

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My 3 customized pieces came home over the last week.
All the work was done by Walz and I could not be happier with the results.
The aussie k2 was made to work with 12 grams so I could use it, nothing extra.
The kp was a beater with an oil stained stock that I picked up here awhile back. I had the stock carved up on my honeymoon to Jamaica. I gave it to Walz and said " Rastafy it, please". He nailed it.....
The sliding breach first strike carbine came from the mad mind of Walz himself. I said I wanted a short carbine that was first strike specific and short enough for my vest holster or scabbard. I also mentioned how much I liked the old west look of some of his previous markers.
Thanks so much for all of the hard work and creativity you put into these markers for me. I own quite a few markers, lots of them one off customs. I think these 3 mean the most to me since they are the first I have actually had made for me.

I owe you big time, Mr. Walz. Seeya this summer.
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