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Rebuild help (SFL)

This seems to be like the place to go.

I recently bought back a Gen 4 SFL. I've got a leak on the front end, thinking from the bomb 3-way. However, I've also read in a few different places that a bad ram o-ring can seem like a leaking 3-way. I figure if I'm going to be buying o-rings for the 3-way, I might as well get some for the ram and fgp lpr. This is where I'm lost. Is there a good guide for rebuilding a ST ram or fgp lpr? Anybody know the o-ring sizes that I will need? I'd like to do it myself so that I know what to do in the future, should this happen again. Current setup is with the slider frame, ST plate, ST shoe, omega roller sear, newer ST frame.

Thanks in advance. (also have this posted on CC)

Yes, the gun cycles correctly. It fires, then resets. The leak is unchanged if I pull and hold the trigger. I did not mess with the LPR pressure, but my tank is now empty.

Found some bomb 3-way orings on ebay, not the same as from Shocktech? I've also read ANS 3-way o-rings are similar.


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