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I would assume you mean it has the 1.6 firmware as there was never a 1.8. You can have the WAS flashed to 2.0 which will allow you to switch between semi and several ramping modes, but you will no longer be able to use it with an Excal, and I have heard complaints that the BPS caps can be inaccurate when tested at tournaments. Destructive Customs, or anyone with an Equalink cable can flash it for you, so this is definitely the cheapest option. A surprising number of shops still have them as it's the same cable used on WAS's Intimidator boards. If you're playing tournaments and don't mind spending the extra cash, a Tadao board will offer superior eye logic, more accurate BPS cap, and an obnoxiously brighter led.

Ps. A reputable seller in the community is selling a few new and used Tadao boards in the link below.

AKA Viking Excal Evil M Parts Sale
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