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Misc. Marker pics

Its a shame that we do not have a pic gallery here of miscellaneous markers. I would like to share some photos with you of some Viper M1's. These are IMO the best mass produced blowback semi-autos to ever hit the market. The proprietary barrel system is my only complaint. USA Performance Products built these things like tanks and they knew it. It is the only marker that I know of ever manufactured with a lifetime warranty. The company no longer exists so the warranty is of little consolation now but, these markers were and are more reliable than a Tippmann IMO. There is also the vectors manufactured by Thompson which are direct copies of the design and blueprints. I have no experience with Vectors, as, I have never owned one. Enjoy the pics and please add to this thread as a place for Misc. Marker pics which do not have their own section in The Armory threads.

These are 3 different setups. The bottom one is a Proline bottomline that was manufactured for the Sheridan VM-68. I incorporated onto this gun and it works perfectly. With the 20 0z tank it is flush with the stock fully extended. The other one with stock is your basic setup and the shorty is considered the pistol configuration.

Here is 2 factory sealed boxed versions of the Military package.

This is the big happy family pic.
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