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CCM T2 - Black Gloss - Slot Blocker

CCM T2 in black gloss with no issues. After picking this up recently, I thoroughly cleaned it (just like TF teaches in the video and installed a slot blocker, fresh detent, new fittings, and new regulator piston and oring. Marker is working perfectly and shot ball on ball a few weeks ago. Reg input pressure set to 325psi and chrono'ed at 280.

The marker is used, but exceptionally clean. The only two marks I can find are a pen-tip sized mark on the top tube and the spot where the AT pin went back and bonked the frame (see pic). Minor, but I obsess about details when listing items. Also, there's an area that might look like scratches in the second pic, but that's the reflection of a tree!

Oh, I'll also mention that this marker has the single most stable pump grip I've felt on a T2. It's stable like my S6.5...others I've felt have been wobbly. Bottomline, I love this will, too. Only selling to get my photography website off the ground!

Price: $495 shipped lower 48.

Please note, barrel NOT included. Thanks!

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