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I'm very glad to hear about this announcement. Myself and a couple friends played the TWC '11 and '12, and open play on a couple weekends in the last few years. At the Tippmann Challenge this last fall, the paint was awful. Not just dimpled, but dented, right off the truck. Barrel, breech, and hopper breaks like crazy and poor accuracy. Sunday we switched over to formula 40, which was somewhat better but still not good. One of my buddies sat out most of the day Saturday, and didn't return Sunday, because he was breaking paint so bad (knock on wood my Carbine didn't break any balls). Actually, every time I've been there in the last two years the paint was bad. My buddies and I stopped playing there in '07 or '08 because we got tired of having to buy lousy paint. We came back because Hell Survivors is the best-run field I've ever been to, and I grew up playing there. The original fireball was good, but then it got inconsistent, and then it was DXS and I didn't play enough in those years to get a good feel, but I never had a good case.

The notable exception was when I was smart enough to buy Evil from the pro-shop when they had it as an option. They said they were being courted by RPS/PMI/Empire or whatever they're called now. A couple refs asked me how the Evil shot and of course I replied that it was great. Granted, that was on open play weekends, so maybe it had "cured" enough.

Sunday of the TWC '12 there was a DXS rep making rounds in the staging area. He was explaining to some newer players that the proshop truck is climate controlled, the weather was humid and rainy (it was), and improper handling by the players was the reason the paint wasn't performing. I politely but firmly explained to him that the paintballs were coming off the truck in that condition and even when handled carefully and kept away from moisture they were bad. I pointed to my Tippmann Carbine and told him I'd been around the game a while and this was the worst paint I'd ever had. He didn't really have an explanation for that and slunk away quickly. It would be one thing if he was apologizing or trying to smooth things over, but making excuses and blaming the players pissed me off.

As another member pointed out, bad paint can ruin a while experience with a field. I hope these new paintballs will be better because I want to enjoy playing at Hell Survivors, and I want others to be able to experience walk-on paintball at its best.
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