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WTT my Mini for BL

People have started to ask about the trade again so I'll reopen this and update what I've done. I am a big fan of my Mini so I won't just give it away. No the thread and all that jazz

Quick Rules

1. Be polite, Don't come in here and post how dumb my offer is or anything. This is my offer, if you don't like it you don't have to take it
2. Post first then PM I will try and get back to you as fast as I can
3. Green Members get priority.
4. We will discuss shipping and such over PM when the trade is finalized.

Empire Relay on/off
clamping feed neck (sorry can't remember brand)
Virtue board
Red Virtue Eyes

It is on excellent condition and well taken care. I just recently did a deep clean, checked o-rings, greased them, reassembled, and I chrono'd at 270fps.
It comes with the original barrel, parts/tool kit, original manual, and box. I have the original ASA but the gauge needs replaced, Shockwave Board, and stock eyes.

What I'm hoping for: I am wanting to trade for a Bob Long, not a new one, but one in good working condition. I am hoping for something like a Marq 6, Rapper, Closer, Vice, Etc. I'm not looking to add, but I do have cash set aside so that I can add for the right trade.

Feel free to make offers, ask questions, anything like that. I'm a Nice guy and the worst I can say is no thank you.

Thank you for your time

P.S. If you come to me saying you have a million plus positive feedback on PBN and you want me to ship first you won't get anywhere with me. This isn't PBN and, because of some deals gone wrong, I don't trust PBN feedback too much. MCB feedback holds more sway to me, especially when you have feedback from people I've dealt with and/or know. But like I said I'm a nice guy so just talk to me and all will be happy and joyous.
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MCB Feedback

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