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What's a Black Rain worth?

I was just digging in some boxes of parts, and ran across an old (disassembled) VM-68 that I used to play with back in the day. The gun itself has some... well, 'damage' is the best word for it from when I tried some homebrew mods back before I had any decent tools or, for that matter, knew what I was doing.

But it has a complete, unmolested Air America Black Rain expansion chamber kit on it. The little "sub chamber" that bolted to the underside of the body has a little wear and tarnish, but the rest is cherry. Well, no braided hose, though, but that's an easy replacement.

What's it worth? Anyone even shoot a VM anymore? And if so, do they even use CO2?

I might just reassemble this thing (I have other parts VMs) and put it up as a wall-hanger. Probably the highest and best use.

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