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CCI Phantom - SOLD

This beauty has been SOLD

-Lapco .684 Microshot barrel, about 11". Freak bored + unused .675, .679, .682 inserts.
-Palmer's in-valve Stabilizer w/ VSC hardline parts.
-Mongo feed.
-Palmer's ghost ring.
-Mini pump handle
-Grip panels. One panel is APP, the other is Palmer's.
-ASP O-ringed TPC. Standard flat-head.
-Polished internals.
-Trigger shoe.

Will Need:
-Will need a feed cap for the Mongo feed. Nothing $5 can't get you. When using with the Mongo/Stabilizer, will need to modify the cap to fit between the two. Get it here: Cap Assembly CCI [9413] - $4.50 : Celanis Paintball, Online Store

Not parting! $260.

MCB +42/-0
PBN +53/-0
eBay +447/-0

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