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I never understood the whole hit the marker and you are out. I can see a pod pack that you physically have on you or if you pick up a "shield", if those are hit you are out. Since we just play outlaw at land my family owns, it is more of an honor system. If you feel a clean hit on you, call yourself out. If your gun gets hit, keep playing. I know there was a situation where I was on a hill side and was about 20 feet in elevation above a guy who was hiding behind a massive brush pile (pile was a good 15 feet across and 7 feet tall). There was a little opening (8"x8") he was shooting out of. I was pinned down and laying on the ground behind some fallen birch trees. Once I knew where he was I layed some fire into the brushpile....I hit his gun. Needless to say he was shocked. We kept playing though. I didn't feel like I had a good killing shot on him.
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