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Originally Posted by cdrinkh20 View Post
Ah, that's where I'm more concerned about the camera being hit....
You are much more likely to get shot at if you're shooting woodsball. Airball keeps you confined to the sidelines, where most players understand you're not a player yourself. Woodsball places you right in the middle of things, and people will shoot at you even when you think you've made yourself obvious.

For woods and scenarios, I'll wear a yellow Proto Axis. I'll usually combine that with a brightly colored shirt, and I have a reflective orange vest with "PHOTO" written across the back so that I'm not mistaken for a referee. Even with all of that, I've taken a lot of fire at the scenarios I've attended. Sometimes there isn't enough of you showing for people to tell, and they'll keep shooting at you until you signal them. It's also much easier to get caught in crossfire.

Not giving players away is obviously a bigger concern in the woods. The same rule still applies with regards to fire. If they're taking it or dealing it, they're fair game. But if they haven't been seen, I'll keep my distance and act like I don't see them. If they're on the move, I'll stay off to the side, keeping pace, but not aiming the camera or even looking their way.
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