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Want to buy Kingman parts!

Have an old spyder kicking around? Looking to ditch some of the parts?
Well thats awesome because I'm looking for a few random spyder parts!

Things I am looking for:
-a NON ACS standard spyder bolt, not the new quick strip kind, it has to be the older kind that go in with the striker. I don't really mind if it's delrin or not, I'd prefer metal to be honest.
-a spyder single trigger frame, I know these can be rare and expensive, but I'm looking for the basic type sold by Kingman, not the Dye version.
-a slim style spyder body with minimal milling, so no 05' acs's or electras or anything else milled to hell. Smooth round tubes are best! It also must use a pin retainer for the velocity adjuster, not the screws like the Spyder compact, also I prefer vertical feed but I'll consider powerfeeds
-an angled front block, something like the trinity block ans is still selling.

And that's it! Now keep in mid the parts I'm asking for are OLD so i dont want to spend alot
Paypal only, I'd prefer if you didn't ship USPS too, I'll pay the extra
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