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Ive got 2 of these ,one i bought new ,another i got for $50,soleniod gasket leeked on both,heres the fix i came up with,posted on PBN originally,dont know if you have Indian head gasket oversees,its similar to industrial rubber cement,I've shot quite a few cases without returning leeks
This gun shoot awesome when it does,wouldve helped if Proto put gauges on them,its really easy to overpressurize them,I actually increase my dwell before I raise pressure to crono!


I have 2 07 PMRs,both have had frustrating leaks with the noid/body gasket using a stock and TechT bolt,this was my solution to the problem,Im not an airsmith but have modded/teched Cockers,Mags,Ion in the past.TRY AT YOUR OWN RISK!This solved the problem for me,interested in feedback
After replacing ALL orings on both bolts and noid gasket I first tried an RTV silicon gasket goo used for cars,it seemed to help bit a but still leeked,so i tried Indian head gasket goo which solved the problem!first i applied a thin layer with a small paintbrush to the body and the top of the gasket making sure not to coat the holes and used toothpicks to index the gasket holes,next I applied the the bottom of gasket and top of noid and pressed firlmly using the screws to index the gasket and tightened them down.I waited a day to air up then did a leakdown test with bubble solution.I've shot several cases of paint thru them and the problem seems to be fixed!if i need to removed it I can use a little alcohal.Any feedback would be helpful
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