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Long time lurker, first time poster here.

I'm a fellow paintball lover, and Co-Organizer of Orange County Casual Paintball on Orange County Casual Paintball (Costa Mesa, CA) - Meetup . Thanks Brian aka "retread". I encourage everyone to join up with our OC and LA Paintball MeetUp groups. A great MeetUp website feature is that you can download event pictures in their original high resolution format. As in 3Mb per photo instead of only 800kb.

I need to make a carpool request for our SC Paintball event. I never liked making the long solo drive out to SC, because I feel lonely the entire day. Can I join someone's carpool? I will chip in for gas. I'll keep the car clean and have a 2nd change of clothes.

I live in Santa Ana, 10 minutes South of Disneyland on Harbor Blvd. I can meet up on time at any convenient parking location near the 5, 22, 55, 57, or 91 freeway. Or I can park and meet in your local residential neighborhood.

Please let me know early, and thanks ahead of time for helping out a fellow baller.
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