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Hey TF,

The o'ring gig has most certainly been done...and done...and done again. Most of us have the required tools too and for those that don't, that's been done and done and done. BUT a full rebuild kit, like the amazing Plano box you compiled in the manual section, has most certainly NOT been put out there. Granted my S6 is a tank and with the best warranty in the business ran by the nicest people in the world, replacement parts are a phone call away. However, smack dab in the middle of an event and/or when you are traveling to play, the piece of mind and convenience offered in having extra autotrigger shoulder screws, pins, springs, additional hardware, detents, instructions, etc. etc. etc....AND proper lube AND proper orings, in a package put together by the GURU, it gives me chills to think about!!! I know you can order all of these goodies and piece it together but I really appreciate one stop shopping and would undoubtedly order a kit in a heartbeat!!!! So for completely selfish reasons, I demand that you do

You da man TF!!
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