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pb items for sale: barrel reg asa mask cocker parts

if u have question or need more picture email me at
i take paypal, money order and check but will place a hold on mo and checks
prices does not include shipping cost, the minimum i charge for shipping and handing will be $3.50. the shipping does not include insurance, if u want it insured there will be an extra fee. i mainly ship through usps.

i'm willing to ship out of the country but paypal payment only. no insurance or tracking number, u r purchasing on your own risk. i am not responsible for non delivery, all the package i have ship have been received by the buyer. all i will provide is the custom number. if u want insurance shipping is going to be about 30 to 40 plus the cost of insurance.

sorry not looking for any trades at this time

if i have multiple items i have a tendency to raise the price on the what is left. if i get a message and we discuss the item i will honor the price we discuss about. i will only place pending notice because the payment for the item is being mail to me.

ttt has first dibs

click to enlarge

all the barrels are cocker thread except the freak back

keeping $25 for each kaner back or tip keeping
the bore should be 91 and 89

sold $20 for the ul back sold
sold $25 for the freak tip sold

sold $30 for the sm3 barrel with one insert sold
bore on the back should be a .688
sold $30 for the javelin barrel sold
sold $12 for the proto barrel sold
$15 for the otp barrel

$12 for each older style kaner tip or back

sold $20 for the impulse threaded freak back sold

$5 for each gauge
sold all gauge in the center pic sold
$4 for each macro fitting
sold straight fitting both sold

$8 for each of the aka reg top
sold black top sold

sold $55 for each sidewinder reg sold

$20 for the silver reg
sold $25 for the short black cp reg with lots of scratches sold
sold $20 for the black generic reg sold
$15 for the black gas through

$15 for each on/off
sold 2nd to the left ads sold
sold middle eclipse asa sold
sold cage on/off sold
sold right asa sold

$4 for each drop in the left pic
sold blue st drop sold
$8 for each drop in the right pic

$20 for the myth tank reg
$10 for each quick disconnect
$20 for the impulse reg, gauge is broken and reg is not tested
$1 for each gauge port plug
$4 for each burst disk

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