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$1 for the lid or halo cone
$5 for each rf chip

$1 for each dye pod, missing lock lid

$1 for each speed feed, the halo one have notch on them to fit revy

$15 for the t9.1 shroud
$20 for the t9.1 stock
$10 for t9.1 top rail

$15 for the board

$30 for the impulse lot

sold $80 for the ul frame sold

sold $50 for each modified angel frame both sold
modified to for an ebalde board and mounting to a cocker body

$25 for the chrome samurai trig
$8 for each worr blade trig

$15 for bare select fire frame

$40 for each e2 noid cover
$20 for each cocking noid
sold $35 for complete black worr noid and noid cover sold

$50 for modified ego frame, fit cocker

sold $110 for complete mq valve set sold

sold $30 for each mq valve sold
sold $20 for mq spacer sold

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