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The next batch of Roundheads... Brass?

I have now turned all of the hundred-twenty-some Roundhead blanks into finished bodies, and all have been sold. Demand certainly dictates that I make more, as I was never able to even come close to keeping the things on the shelf to begin with. Thanks guys - I love my customers, and knowing that people like the stuff I make is what keeps me going.

The original blanks were machined by a local machine shop that I had a connection with via an old coworker. They did an okay job... on about 65% of the bodies. The rest were either too short or too long, and I had to mic the entire batch and have them redo all the ones that were out of spec. They also used a 3-jaw chuck on their lathe, and I had to spend a whole lot of time at the bench grinder with a 3M wheel (followed by long spells in the vibe deburrer) to get all the marks out. In the end, I still had a product that I can stand behind in quality, but it took a lot more work than anticipated, which meant I wasn't able to make them as fast as desired.

So the next batch of blanks will be done by a different shop. By someone who knows paintball guns. Someone who knows quality and has impeccable ethics. Someone who knows Phantoms. Someone who makes Phantoms. Really, I should have had Mike just machine the blanks for me in the first place...

People have asked about different materials for Roundhead bodies, which I can certainly get behind. What engineer wouldn't crave Titanium parts? In talking to Mike, it sounds like brass would be the most feasible non-Al material to use, so let's start there.

IF ASP (uh, me) were to offer a brass Roundhead body for no more (and ideally less) than $100 USD, would you purchase one? And would you be content with a plain SC body, or would you kick and scream and yell 'poopyhead' and demand to have a left offset, right offset, and/or First Strike ported body?

Hypothetically and all.
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