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I always find it interesting how many people look down on Tippmann users... Almost like if you use a Tippmann, you aren't serious about paintball, or you are a newb... I realize many people judge others skill level by the equipment they use, but in paintball, the skill is your ability to win games, and get eliminations. And the key to that, is being able to put balls on target, when you have to quickly get an elimination.

I never have to worry about my Tippmann A-5 not firing. Every time I pull the trigger it works. (unless I forgot to turn on my remote line... but, that isn't my markers fault! Lol).

I have zero desire to spend money on the latest and greatest out there. And I never feel "overpowered" by someone shooting streams of paint at me. I just take my shot (semi auto) and move on. I get them, or they get me. It wasn't their markers "perceived value" that got me out... It was the players skill.

Some of us CHOOSE to play with Tippmanns because they are made in the USA, and WORK really well. That doesn't make us "less" serious about paintball. It may mean we just don't want to spend our time working on our markers...
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