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A while back I sold off my first run Shocker NXT. It always bugged me that I didn't do much research before putting it up, but the other party thought it was a great deal and fell in love with the marker. So, figured i'd check to make sure it was fair. Took a while to find a party that actually cared about the marker and was gonna baby it like I did. Had to weed out a lot of high school kids looking to wreck it.

Anyway, first run burst orange. Pre-ordered by myself, arrived at my house, never left my possession until last year due to financial problems (read that as, rent was due). Came in an old SFT box with the print out manual. Unmolested, with maybe 3 or 4 small scratches on it (SP skimped on the anno on these things). Price sold for new: $700, price I released it for: $250. So, fair deal, or was it worth more/less? Also, average ballpark on price if different would be nice. Sold as marker, in box only, no gear.

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