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Originally Posted by Tick View Post
nice grip work, Nox! I dig twins.
Thank you ,Sir..

I didnt go the traditional soldering iron way while doing the work.
I ended up taking probably 10x longer to complete the

Its hard to imagine how much extra grip the process I did over the smoother stipling methods but its incredible.

Took a T2 (or T3 same size to dismantle an.ipod) torx screw driver and a candle.. Took for ever to get each grip done but thats what I wanted. I probably got maybe 5/6 dots per time the screw driver was held over the candle.

Im not kidding when I say how much grip it really added and comfortable it feels in your hands..its (i feel) so much better feeling and functional then the smoother stiplibg ive seen.. you gotta hold it to understand..

abslutely no slip whatsoever..

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