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Wow I feel like Mr fancypants now.

I took 3 army surplus laundry bags($6 total):

And replaced the strings with 2 wire coathangers each, twisted together at their ends to be long enough to make hoops that fully open the bag with a tail long enough to make a hook sticking out of one of the old string holes.

I hang them like this:

and let the bags drape down.
I shoot into the hoops, the balls hit the light, free hanging back of the bags and ride down to the bottom.
I spray painted rings and a bullseye inside the bags so they show in the hoops.
Paint rarely breaks in them, when I'm done I just turn them inside out into the garbage can. If they're too gooey I pull the wire, wash them and put the wire back.
They catch reball fine and even the harder rufusdawg targetballs.

I have alot of trees and such to hang them from in my yard.

I would take a picture but they are currently snowed into the shed with the Jarts....

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