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Exclamation Tippmann 98 Low Pressure kit Issue!

I finally got the time today to start tuning my 98 build, and while attempting to tune my odd e-grip setup, my marker would not re-cock far enough for the hammer to catch on the sear. It simply goes cyclic until it runs out of force to open the valve.

I ran through the entire operating pressure spectrum on my Palmer's Stab (200-700psi) and all it changed is the amount of time the hammer would bounce. I find this odd because the low pressure kit is only supposed to need 400psi to function.

I have not torn the marker open again to find the cause, but I assure you it’s not a lack of lubrication. I put a large amount on lube in the reg and valve, and I have enough Tech-T Gun Sav on the hammer to drown somebody in.

Any ideas what may be causing the issue? I’m really not looking to have to tear this thing down any more times than I have to. With all the parts I have on it, it’s a time-consuming and frustrating process.

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