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Originally Posted by O'Lane View Post
Not a problem if you give me a blank check connected to a bank account that has not fallen prey to MCB yet.

Side note, I got your PM, I'm in a machining binge right now and I'll get back to you tonight (well I guess this morning) or tomorrow.

By the way, what are you doing on MCB? Don't you have sidewalks to shovel or something?
Sure.. ill give you a blank cant promise itll be one of

as far as shoveling snow it didnt hit in my area untill about 9ish lastnight.. still snowing though,maybe about 6/8' .. not reallu sulposed to gwt more then.a handfull of feet if it.. and thats what the kid across the street is for.. slave becuase hes a kid but becuase he is black....settle down its a joke..hes not a kid and he can handle a little racism)..but really,it is a one
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