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Originally Posted by tarakian View Post
This may have been his final project, as last we heard, he had married a rich woman and is living in Florida as a kept man.
The company "Neely Pneumatics" is listed as a current company in Summerfield FLorida, selling sporting goods. Interesting that it says "Patent Pending", as I don't see his name on any patent, or application.

Maybe he made the prototype, applied, and it was rejected due to the existing 1991 Pheonix patent (Eric Scott), and moved on. The design characteristics make it look like it was made around 2000. and that was the start of the whole patent (SP, etc) absurdity.

The regulator/on-off design was pretty clearly ripped off from the Pheonix..... which just happen to be one of the first, well enforced paintball patents. The Falcon was based on the "Legend" which had issues with pneumatics. Marcus had did early work on the Pheonix... then probobly used its components to make his Falcon work.

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