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I thought we had like 40+ people already?

Originally Posted by retread View Post
Hey here is the most up to date prepaid/confirmed list. We actually need a few more folks to prepay to make sure we have the minimum for a private game at SC locked in so today being payday for me...I am hoping it is also for some more of you and that you can buy your tickets! Lets at least get that locked in! I'm sure other folks are planning to show up but we definitely want to make sure we have this wrapped up as we are now barely a week away already! So with that...I definitely want to get back to the discussion of games and other more fun details! Also...if I am missing anyone that has paid...please let me know! And feel free to PM me if you need assistance!

updated 2_8_13

Brian Krinsky - aka Retread 1
Estelle Liou - aka little miss retread aka Mulan
Daniel Waddell - $20 entry + $5 donation (thank you!)
Addae Melhish - $28.00 entry + air
Mark Hensley aka henchman - $35 for guest (mark is a member and will use his membership for his own enrty/air)
Matthew Coutras - aka ScreamingCricket $20.00 entry only (using 12 grams for air)
Richard Choi - aka rschoi - $28.00 entry and all day air
Rey Sandoval - aka minds - $76.00 2 option #2 for entry and all day air and one option #3 for entry air and rentals
Michael Yeh - aka m1yeh - $28.00 - 1 option #2 entry and all day air
Alan Primm - $20 entry
Matthew Krause - aka matteekay $30 Entry + $10 donation towards photogs etc (THANK YOU!)
Emmanuel Sanchez - aka tacpiztols - $80 - 4 for entry only
Neil Maza - aka Splattermonkeyz - $28 Entry and Air

That's 18 confirmed prepaid already!

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