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I'm solid on making basic parts, extrudes, fillets, cuts, etc, not bad at large assemblies, learning FEA, trying to learn 3d sketches (to make a frame). splines and lofts are some things I haven't messed with yet.

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I would suggest drawing a 2 cycle motor that "functions" and then animate it.
sounds fun but out of my league. I'll look into it.

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Draw everything in CAD in this course

It is a grade 12 Design course.
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Some where around the house I have the SolidWorks courses I took years ago. If I can find them I will send them to you (on long term loan) if you want them. It is for an older version but the basics are still pretty much the same.
I've got 2 textbooks from a class I took last year, they're pretty basic, mostly using 2d sketches to make parts, with limited lessons in 3d. I'm also taking a class to learn finite element analysis functions in solidworks

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Care to share the serial number?

*I know you can't, but doesn't hurt to ask.
haha, I wish I could!

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