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I got myself a Dell Latitude 10 Tablet - Review

Let me start saying that I work for Microsoft but this review doesn't have any association nor focus on the Windows 8 OS, but it's rather focused on the device I've bought.

And I have to say that a after a week with it, I'm in love with the little thing!

It runs Windows 8 Pro and Office 2013 like a breeze, even with the 2Gb of RAM. It's actually pretty impressive how it doesn't use so much memory, at least compared to my notebook or to my desktop (which I'm using now and with Lync and IE with 5 tabs open is already using 2.9Gb of RAM).

The 4-cell optional battery lasts forever. I came back from Phoenix to Sao Paulo on Thursday/Friday using it during the flights and at the airport and it lasted for about 16 hours of continuous usage, most of it in Airplane mode (Bluetooth and Wi-Fi radios off), but I also got to make a couple calls with Lync while at the airport in Miami (stayed there for long 6 hours) and also watching the whole Season 2 of The Walking Dead, plus a couple chapters from Season 3. I didn't even had to change the battery once for the 2-cell I got in my backpack.

I also bought a new Microsoft Wedge Keyboard, which is incredibly small but really, really good to use when mobile with the tablet.

When working, I was able to plug-in my Smart Card reader and connect with the company's VPN, which allowed me to do whatever I needed just like I do with the notebook.

The downsides I've seen so far is that it's really hard to remove the battery from the device (the latch doesn't go all the way as it should on my unit but it still works) and sometimes, when returning from the sleep mode, the touchscreen is unresponsive, forcing one to restart the unit. That happened a few times already.

Overall, I am pretty happy with the device. It's fast, light and runs forever, while allowing me to be productive while on the road. If you are looking for a new tablet, I definitely recommend this one.
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