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that ~20 seconds your taking to clean a spool (don't forget you need to turn off your hopper and flip the marker upside-down) in a scenario/woodsball game wouldn't matter. in a speedball game, that's you down for nearly 1/8th of a game. (though in speedball you wouldn't do a field-strip. i never did)

also, don't you mean vic with poppit engine? spool for smoothness, poppit for efficiency.

all of this being beside the point, i prefer shooting what feels right. one day that's my DM3, another its my 2k2 shocker (boy i'm a gas hog, haha), the next, my Excal.

honestly, it really doesn't matter, spool v poppit. each have been proven in their own right, with their advantages and disadvantages. i prefer spool, simply because of its feel when firing... i also have larger tanks to support more than one game before refilling.

assuming this marker isn't absurdly priced (we, the consumers, will find out eventually) i may grab one. i love its design (internally, at least. externally via the shadow shots... well i'm hoping J4 puts more meat on the marker body... easier for PL bodies to be made from stock ones. Russian Legion J4 in the SFT Shocker style, anyone?)
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