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If it's a $1000 I'll probably go for it, if not the ripper vic will likely win out because it's only $1200 with both drives. I'm with you on the body, I hate the generic pe/g6r look to it, I'm more of a fan of bob long with their more unique milling on the bodies (even a lot of spools have pretty generic looking bodies like the luxe/clone gt/vapor) I only run with one 68ci so some outlaw games I need good efficiency, luckily most of it's cqb room to room or woodsball but sometimes they bring speedball guns instead and start a paint slinging war and tanks can empty pretty quickly. Hence having a gun that's both a spool and a poppit so I can have both the smoothness for normal play and the poppit for the times I need to get a case off a 68ci.
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