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Originally Posted by Defect View Post
Ill have to see if I can't get ahold of one to try out. Thanks.

Who makes it btw? I think gog is/was smart parts? I don't see anything under the smart parts armory section here.

How is this going to be let's say 2-5 years down the line when you need or want to replace or upgrade parts.
BT now falls under the empire umbrella so it should be cool for a good long while.
GoG still services, and carries parts for markers they made when Smart Parts was in businesses. You can send your Shocker/Ion/Impulse in and they readily have replacement parts available. It been 4 years since the Shocker was last produced and about 8 - 10 for the impulse. Marker and customer service are both great. I honestly believe GOG is work in harder than any company in terms of warranty and customer service, specifically to prove to the custmer that they're here to stay.

That being said, if you, or anyone else needs set up with a GOG or DLX marker just shoot me a msg. I'm a dealer one online seller for those companies as well as a few others.
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