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OEM bore finishing


Having read through some posts floating around on the topic, I'm curious as to whether or not anyone here knows (not guesses) how, and to what degree barrel bores are typically finished.

I've seen threads on flex honing, buffing/polishing, etc., and am curious as to whether these would produce a finer, or rougher finish. The one question no one seems to have asked is, "What was the original finish?" If we don't know that, then we cannot determine whether other methods are an improvement or a detriment, leaving aside the whole additional pile of questions on the benefits of an increasingly smooth bore.

Please note that the latter is not my question here. I don't care to debate the merits of a super shiny bore. I just want to learn/determine the general baseline finish.

And "Um, yeah, my barrel came super shiny from the factory, so, um, like, maybe 600 grit?" is not exactly the kind of answer I'm looking for.

In my case, I'm particularly interested in stainless barrels. Lapco, for instance, seems to have really high quality initial finishes on their bores. So do the DYEs, and so do some others.

But exactly how is it done, and to what degree?

If you have direct, correct knowledge of the process, whether for aluminum, brass, stainless, whatever, I'm all ears.

Thanks very much!
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