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He really does go back and fourth on how he holds the weapon, often it is pointed straight on but then he drops it a bit, when he refocuses he also re adjusts bringing it back up to point straight on.

either way, its not like its the most unrealistic/unbelievable thing in the

Last nights episode was a little slow,little meh.. Daryl left with Merle But I think he will be back before we know it..Someone asked lastnight on the talking dead what Daryls breaking point with Merle will be.. If Merle doesnt get bitten by a geek and put down by Daryl out of mercy I think they will end up back at the prison or with the group and his breaking point will be Merle Screws with Carol in someway..

or it could very well be Carols breaking point with Merle messing with Daryl and she puts him down.. the woman lived a tough life and its obvious she has love for Daryl.. (and he for her, despite trying to hide it due to the way the world now is for them.
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