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By the look of the pictures provided, you can update that valve on the right and spring combination to the one more like the one on the left. That valve on the right is one of the original designs found on earlier ccm markers. CCM moved from that valve on the right to using the blue aluminum valve body and black "hat" as seen on the left. Contained in that hat is an "o ring" that can be replaced if worn. Not sure (not able to see) but under the blue valve hat, there is a hard plastic seal.

On the current markers and including the J12, they have since moved back to using a hardened brass valve body and are continuing to use the black "hat" design. (CCM is making the blue valve as pictured out of brass). The stem moving against the brass is somewhat self-polishing over time. New improvements to the black hat show a set screw on the top of the hat to prevent it from coming loose. Nice pictures!

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