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Originally Posted by Spider! View Post
The worst thing I think I have run into is when the volume of gas you have in the body is too small for the pressure you are running. This makes the regulator open hard and early (at best), and most regs don't do that consistently. As your reg pops open while the poppet is open, the closing of the poppet varies with the reg response.

As noted around here somewhere, listen to the dry fire of the springs and check for hammer bounce on the valve face. That says the hammer may bounce once the valve starts trying to push it off. Less turn-in on the IVG helps reduce the effect of the hammer spring on the bounce.

I usually try to get them up and running consistently first, see where they are at, then by fiddling with the adjustments and barrel over a chrony, you get an idea of what you can do with it. If the marker can shoot well over 300 fps, you probably have some changes you can make toward efficiency.
By hammer bounce im assuming you mean "farting" Im not getting any farting when i shoot. Right now im hitting about 25 shots off a powerlet with my terrible paint to bore matching. With my terrible matching im hitting 310ish with reballs which translates to 295 with regular paint.

I have a feeling im not far off. I just need to fine tune it. My goal is to hit 35 shots and ill be happy
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