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Originally Posted by retread View Post
Hey Panda...yeah I worked on a BUNCH of stuff today as all my gear since I played BOTH Saturday AND Sunday...just glad I didn't hurt myself before the big game! You are correct...there will be a LOT of knowledgeable Autococker folks around so I would be surprised if you didn't get an answer pretty quick...I BELIEVE that it is a 3/16 for the Karni reg. I KNOW it is a 3/16 on my CCM Regs and thought it was the same but I COULD be wrong. In fact on of the techs that several of us take our cockers to should even be coming to Sunday but I'm hoping and I am sure he's hoping not to be fixing guns lol.
Cool, I think the largest Allen I have on hand is a 1/8, it's just a tad too small. I wish I could have played last weekend, but between SAT prep and my social life it was not gonna happen. An before anybody asks, no I do not have a Karni, just a Karni reg poor people problems. Oh, I should probably pack a quick and dirty first aid kit, as my dad says, "Its not a good day till someone is bleeding" and knowing my lack of good judgement when playing paintball, it just might be me. The velocity limit at SC village is 300 right? I'll probably crono in at 285 to eeek a few extra shots out of the tank. Plus, no one likes 300 fps up close.
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